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“The work I receive by Kelley lab is exceptional and makes my insert appointments very smooth, which is priceless. Additionally, the customer service component of their lab is wonderful. The staff is always so pleasant and will always call if there is anything that is a concern. They will never “assume” anything which makes all my cases insert without any discrepancies.”

Dr. Cathy Andricsak
Toms River, NJ

“It is amazing how rapidly 30 years can pass in a profession that I am so passionate about; a passion that has been cultivated and influenced by so many solid relationships. One of those, and perhaps the most important, has been the relationship I have with Kelley Dental Lab. As a young dentist they approached me not so much to do business, but to partner in dentistry. It is not an easy profession as we all know, and my ability to team with Kelley in every instance is vital as I approach cases, whether they be a full mouth rehab or a single posterior crown.

Our relationship has flourished despite, and in fact, because of times, when perhaps; a case was not completed just as I might had expected, or when I have not fulfilled my obligation to provide sufficient information to them for an ideal outcome. Rather than cast blame, we have been able to reach out and connect in a way that allows us to grow as a dental team, and the lab to grow as our partner. Together it is always a Win-Win outcome. We have learned to share in our successes and grow from our shortfalls.

Kelley Dental has a “yes we can” type of small lab feel and yet has the technological advantages offered only by most large and out of touch labs. Our missions are very similar and hence we work together as a Team extremely effectively, and in the end, our patients are the Winners and we all get to celebrate together.”

Dennis J. Jenkins DDb
Designing Smiles, PSC

Dr. Dawn Durbin Testimony

Dr. Joseph Hartman Testimony

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