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Splint Therapy Options

KeySplint Soft®

The Kelley Dental team is proud to offer the innovative KeySplint Soft® to patients suffering from nighttime bruxism. Crafted using the KeySplint Soft® resin on our 3D printer, these splints are patient-specific, highly precise, and effective. When you choose a KeySplint Soft® appliance, you ensure a long-lasting solution that combats the negative effects of bruxism. Our KeySplint Soft® splints are also extremely strong, flexible, easy to polish, and easily cleaned by you or your patient.


  • Patients with Nighttime Bruxism


  • Highly Flexible
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Translucent
  • Stain-Resistant
Essix Retainer

Kelley Dental Lab provides Essix retainers, which are thermoformed plastic. This thin material covers the entirety of the patient’s arch and prevents any unwanted shifting of the dentition. Due to being fabricated out of clear plastic, Essix retainers are an esthetic retentive option. 


Processed thermo-plastic acrylic material that softens in warm water and in the mouth.

• Patients who need relief from TMJ
• Patients who need protection of ceramic restorations from bruxing
• Patients who need a less bulky daytime splint

• Elasticized thermo-plastic material comfortable for patient
• Little, if any adjustment, needed
• Increased patient acceptance

• Patients who are extremely hard bruxers and bite through hard acrylic in short time frame


*Immerse Brux-eze splints in hot water for 45 seconds to remove from models or to insert in mouth. Please advise your patient; failure to warm before removing from model or inserting in mouth may result in damage to the appliance.


This hybrid splint is crafted out of heat-cured acrylic that is ideal for heavy bruxers. This bruxing treatment relieves stress, damage caused by bruxism, and other negative side effects that come from grinding and clenching. Rem-e-deze® helps protect both your patients’ teeth and their restorations.


  • Patients with Extreme Bruxism


  • Strong Occlusal Surface
  • Custom Fitted
  • Softens in Warm Water
Hard Bite Splint

Clear, heat cured acrylic

• patients who require a rigid night guard with no flexibility

• easy to repair

• patients with poor paths of insertion
• patients with extremely deep undercuts


• patients with jaw joint and muscle pain
• patients who clench or grind and have destructive effects

• deprograms bite for OBI treatment

• patients with poor paths of insertion
• patients with  extremely deep undercut

Release Appliance

Triad centric release appliance covering only the front teeth

• patients who need relief from TMJ
• patients who suffer from migraine pain and tension headaches

• reduces dysfunctional muscular activity

• extremely heavy bruxers
• extreme Class II or Class III bites

GELB Appliance

Mandibular splint with acrylic coverage over the posteriors; metal lingual bar as connector

• patients with mandibular displacement
• patients with oral/facial pain

• repositions bite, bringing mandibular slightly forward


An intraoral device used to treat nighttime snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.


  • Treatment of nighttime snoring
  • Treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea
  • For use by patients 18 years of age or older


  • Patient-specific
  • Coupling mechanism enables the amount of mandibular advancement to be set by the dentist or physician at the time of fitting the device
  • Increases the patient’s pharyngeal space during sleep


  • Patients who are 17 years of age or younger
  • Advanced obstructive sleep apnea
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