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All-on-4 with Milled Bar

Teamed with Ivoclar and Nobel Biocare, Kelley Dental strives to stay on the cutting edge of innovation to produce the best Hybrid Screw Retained Bars available


  • We will provide a base bar with a snap on rim – the snap on rim has no holes for wax or bite material to invade. This eliminates the need to repeatedly screw in and screw out a base plate, as well as problems associated with keeping the holes cleared.
  • Only new copings provided with try-in to prevent any failure to interface or marring of the implant head/abutment.
  • Bars will be designed by denture technicians trained in Procera precision bars or by the implant providers.
  • Designs available using a combination of multi-unit abutment and implant level interfaces.
  • Anti-rotational posts, simpler bars work against vertical and horizontal forces, but rotational forces lead to delamination if not countered properly.
  • Processing model always used, eliminating the need to process on the master cast.
  • Ivoclar injected acrylic is used to process our bars. The injection method provides less micro porosity, higher density, and a stronger denture. It also only has 1.66% shrinkage factor vs a minimum shrinkage factor of 6.8% with a traditional press packed processing. The injection method has less chance of human error, improper mixing or under/over packing.
  • Guide Pin Processing requires a few more parts but protects interfaces properly during processing as well as clean, straight, smooth, perfectly sized guide holes.
  • Genuine Nobel Procera Bars provide 8 micron accuracy +/- 2, Nobel uses Zeiss calibration.
  • We only opaque the bar where necessary, opaqeuing the whole bar tends to lead to delamination.
  • Un-sandblasted, clean titanium is proven to produce the best bond. We remove the bar from the processing model for proper wax removal and cleaning.
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