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Teeth Options

SR Phonares® II
  • Cross-Linked PMMA Material for High Wear and Discoloration Resistance
  • Wide Shade Range
  • Highly Polished and Smooth Surface Area
  • Lifelike Esthetics
Vivadent® S DCL
  • Highly Cross-Linked DCL Polymer for Superior Strength
  • Comparable Flexibility to PMMA
  • Extended Longevity Compared to Alternatives
  • Wide Range of Indications
Portrait® IPN®
Button• unsurpassed 10 year warranty
• 3 different shaded layers of material in five zones to ensure optimal natural look
• leading choice for outstanding posterior occlusal integrity


Blueline® Esthetic Denture Teeth

  • offers the widest choice of denture occlusion available
  • natural look due to layering method when produced
  • high wear, stain, plaque resistant
  • resistant to breaking or cracking
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